Glenn Dicterow, Concertmaster, New York Philharmonic

"Matthias Lehner is a skilled and experienced luthier. He has taken excellent care of my instruments and bows."

Photo Credit: Chris Lee





Kelly Howard, Violinist

"As a violinist and teacher, I rely on Matthias Lehner. He is a fine craftsman and does a brilliant job maintaining my violin. The set-up is exactly as I like it every time. As well as keeping my violin performance ready, he is very careful to help my students keep their fractional sized instruments in fine form. He is comfortable working with the young violinist to help them find an instrument that fits their needs."




Dr. Ray Iwazumi, D.M.A. - violinist

"Thank you Matthias for the excellent rehairs, the careful selection of instruments and bows, the personal attention to detail, and the honest advice. You have my friendship and confidence, and I am always happy to recommend you to my colleagues and students."



Martha Mooke, Electro-Acoustic Violist & Composer, Yamaha Artist/Clinician, Thomastik-Infeld Artist

"I am delighted to admit that I am a devoted client of Matthias Lehner's. Over the past several years I have brought in to his shop everything from violas needing adjustments... to electric 5–string violins/violas that required the technical knowledge to install a new bridge pickup and repair intricate electronics... to a souvenir violin–type instrument that was damaged during transit from Cuba! Matthias is meticulous in his handicraft and goes the extra mile (ie, conferring with Yamaha Corporation) to make sure his work is impeccably delivered. I admire his honesty and integrity and would not even consider bringing my instruments anywhere else!"

Kurt Nikkanen, Concertmaster, New York City Ballet

"Matthias Lehner offers an unsurpassable standard of excellence in all matters of bow maintenance and care. His rehairs are second to none in consistency, quality of hair, and playability. His expertise, combined with the ultra-convenient location of his shop, make him a treasured asset for many Lincoln Center professionals, and, personally speaking, I don't know what I would do without him. Matthias, thanks for all the years of fantastic service - you are the best!"



Philippe Quint, Violin soloist

"I came to Matthias Lehner Violins first because of its convenient location across from Lincoln Center. But further on, I found that the care and workmanship that Matthias demonstrates with the bows and violins is truly outstanding. He is totally conscientious in his work and completely understands the needs of the professional musician."



Mary Robb, Cellist

"Matthias is an excellent luthier who works in a timely manner. He not only re-haired by bow and repaired my cello but also offered his advice on the structure of my cello. When I came to collect my instrument, he asked me to play it while he adjusted the sound post. Only when we were both satisfied with the quality of the sound did he allow me to make payment."